Deep Tissue Massage
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Deep tissue massage is just what the body needs to release tense muscles, relax strained and tired muscle fibre and make you feel much more comfortable.

All the cells of the body need a good supply of blood which contains all the ingredients for their growth, repair and nutrition. The cells also need to eliminate the waste materials that arise from the production of energy and debris from any tissue damage or inflamation.

The techniques of massage stimulate the circulation of blood and so increase both the supply and removal of the substances that are needed to promote repair and health at a cellular level.

Damaged, injured, tired and sore muscle fibre is soothed and restored by massage and muscle damage is repaired, levels of pain are reduced and mobilitly is improved.

  • Deep tissue massage can help with :
  • • Back ache
  • • Sore neck
  • • Tension headaches
  • • Tired / sore limbs and feet
  • • Mobility problems / pain following an accident
  • • Work related strains or fatigue and repetetive strain injuries
  • • Pain due to conditions such as arthritis,ME or MS

  • How I can help:
  • • Tailor your treatment to your specific needs
  • • Use massage techniques appropriate for your condition
  • • Soothe and release sore and damged muscles
  • • Improve circulation to aid the healing process
  • • Increase relaxation
  • • Reduce / Remove pain
  • • Advice on exercises, stretches and good posture

Each session begins with a consultation where you can ask any questions about how we will work together. We will discuss your treatment needs and identify what we want to achieve.

You change in privacy, to shorts or underwear, and get settled on the massage table before we begin your treatment. When I have completed the massage, I will leave you to dress at your own pace.

Afterwards we will discuss any exercises, stretches or postural changes that may help to continue your healing process.

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