Deep Tissue Massage
A deep tissue massage session
Back ache?
Sore neck?
Tension Headaches?
Tired or sore limbs?
Work related strains?
I can help

Damaged, injured, tired and sore muscle fibre is soothed and restored by massage and thus muscle damage is repaired, levels of pain are reduced and mobility is improved.

Relaxation Massage
a relaxation massage session
Improves relaxation
Reduces stress
Releases tight muscles
Relieves headaches
Calms the mind
I can help

Having a massage in a warm and peaceful room is the perfect way to aid relaxation and to reduce levels of tension and stress.

Not only does the massage encourage tense muscles to relax it also calms the mind, thus both the body and the mind are soothed.

Sports Massage
A sports massage session
Muscle strains, tears or tension?
Muscle pain?
Prevention of injury!
Enhance levels of performance?
I can help

Massage greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of rest periods between work or sport activities thus speeding up recovery and repair.

Massage releases and soothes sore, over-worked and tired muscles, therefore reducing levels of pain and promoting healthier muscles.

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