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A sports massage is just the thing to help your body maintain strength and mobility and to aid recovery after a sporting activity or injury.

After a period of hard work, training or playing there will be an accumulation of waste material and possibly some micro-trauma with swelling in the muscles. The tissues will also be nutritionally depleted and some may be in need of repair.

By stimulating the blood circulation through the area with massage all these situations can be helped. Waste is removed more quickly and completely and more fresh blood arrives to supply the repair and nutritional needs.

Massage greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of rest periods between work or sport activities thus speeding up recovery and repair.

Massage releases and soothes sore, over-worked and tired muscles therefore reducing levels of pain and promoting healthier muscles.

  • Sports massage can help with:
  • • Muscle strains,tears and tensions - sport related or otherwise
  • • Muscle pain
  • • Prevention of injury
  • • Sustain / enhance levels of performance
  • • Mobility Issues

  • How my sports massage helps you:
  • • It is tailored to your specific needs
  • • I use massage techniques appropriate for your condition
  • • Speeds up body`s recovery time
  • • Releases tight muscles and increases their blood supply
  • • Improves the body`s ability to repair damaged muscle fibre
  • • Reduces / Relieves pain
  • • Provides healthy muscles and thus performance
  • • Provides advise on exercices, stretches and good posture

Each session begins with a consultation where you can ask any questions about how we will work together. We will discuss your treatment needs and identify what we want to achieve.

You change in privacy, to shorts or underwear, and get settled on the massage table before we begin your treatment. When I have completed the massage, I will leave you to dress at your own pace.

Afterwards we will discuss any exercises, stretches or postural changes that may help to continue your healing process.

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